Sponsoring Schools

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls launches with help from WashU

7.30.2012--ISP engineering educator Kimberly Weaver training instructors at Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls. Clockwise from right corner: Jasmine Moorehead, teaches Physical Education; Adrienne Watkins, teaches Math; Kyle Sniegowski, teaches Humanites; Kimberly Weaver of ISP. Photo by Joe Angeles/WUSTL Photos

Launched in August, 2015, Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls offers sixth and seventh-grade girls a rigorous education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Washington University in St. Louis is both Hawthorn’s sponsor and its partner. Educators with the university’s Institute for School Partnership have been working closely with Hawthorn leaders for more than a year to develop the school’s project-based curriculum and real-world philosophy.

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