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We believe in teachers and their ability to transform young lives. By providing professional development and classroom resources, programs such as MySci help teachers help students.

ISP and The Little Bit Foundation provide free STEM material

By Diane Keaggy on May 6, 2020 in Supporting Educators

The Institute for School Partnership at Washington University in St. Louis wants to keep STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning going for the tens of thousands of homebound students in St. Louis City and St. Louis County by providing them with STEM classroom activities that they can do at home. The ISP has partnered with The Little Bit Foundation (TLBF) to develop and distribute STEM Challenges for students and families participating in school-based drive-thru meal service programs. Since 2018, ISP and TLBF have collaborated to offer project-base...

ISP to improve math education in local schools through Math314

By Diane Keaggy on November 22, 2019 in Sharing Best Practices, Supporting Educators

Stagnant scores, frustrated students, daunted educators — such is the state of math education across the nation and in the region. That’s why the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University in St. Louis is introducing Math314, an innovative program that will improve math instruction and boost students' enthusiasm for the subject.  

Who will teach tomorrow’s coders

By Diane Keaggy on December 14, 2018 in Sharing Best Practices, Supporting Educators

High school students need computer science skills, but who will teach them? The Institute for School Partnership is addressing Missouri's desperate shortage of computer science educators through the professional learning program, which prepares educators with no coding experience to lead computer science classes. The need is urgent: only one-third of Missouri high schools offer computer science.

WashU offers tuition assistance program for surrounding districts

By Diane Keaggy on August 14, 2018 in Supporting Educators

University College, the professional and continuing education division of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, is now offering a 50 percent discount to full-time employees of St. Louis, Clayton and University City and their school districts. Charter school employees also are eligible.

Students piloting MySciDo

ISP pilots technology curriculum MySci Do

By Diane Keaggy on May 29, 2018 in Supporting Educators

Several schools in the St. Louis Public Schools district are piloting a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum and teacher training program called mySci Do. It’s modeled on mySci’s distribution protocol and was designed to apply those methods to technology education. mySci Do is funded by a grant from the Monsanto Fund, and developed by the ISP, Maryville University School of Education, The Little Bit Foundation and The Disruption Department.

Creating a new generation of educators

By Diane Keaggy on March 16, 2018 in Supporting Educators

Good teachers make for engaged students and stable schools. That’s why Washington University is partnering with the St. Louis Teacher Residency program to address two of the most vexing problems facing high-needs schools: teacher turnover and teacher quality.

Celebrating science at the ISP’s annual Darwin Day

By Diane Keaggy on February 16, 2018 in Supporting Educators

A life-size cutout of Charles Darwin stands in the corner. Next to him are party hats and a selfie stick. His face adorns a birthday cake that’s wheeled out to much excitement. Numbers are read and fossils are raffled off. Attendees sport buttons that read “I love evolution” and “Team Darwin.”

This isn’t your ordinary Saturday morning professional development day. This is the Institute for School Partnership’s sixth annual Darwin Day celebration.

WashU alum named Missouri Biology Teacher of the Year

By Diane Keaggy on December 21, 2017 in Supporting Educators

Ryan Lacson, a 2013 graduate of the Master of Science in Biology for Science Teachers program at Washington University in St. Louis, has been named the 2017 Missouri Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year by the National Association of Biology Teachers. Lacson is a science teacher at Galena High School in Galena, Mo. Read more at The Institute for School Partnership.

sound waves

MySci curriculum garners national recognition

By Diane Keaggy on November 28, 2017 in Supporting Educators

The EQuIP Peer Review Panel for Science (PRP) has identified MySci’s middle school Module 5 Waves as a high-quality lesson and unit designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The unit was written by curriculum writers at the Institute for School Partnership at Washington University in St. Louis in partnership with educators from Mehlville School District, Clayton School District, St. Louis Public Schools, Rockwood School District and Lift for Life Academy.

MySci doubles in size two years in a row

By Diane Keaggy on August 17, 2017 in Supporting Educators

Twelve years after its launch, the innovative MySci curriculum program developed by Washington University’s Institute for School Partnership (ISP) and local teacher leaders is seeing incredible growth, doubling in size two years in a row. This school year, St. Louis Public Schools will introduce MySci in all of its 45 elementary schools.

MySci program boosts science learning, standardized test scores

By Diane Keaggy on February 20, 2017 in Supporting Educators

Pattonville School District elementary students — at every grade level and of every ability — made statistically significant gains in science after completing the innovative MySci curriculum developed by the Institute for School Partnership (ISP) at Washington University in St. Louis. The data confirm what ISP Executive Director Victoria May has observed for years in MySci classrooms across the region — hands-on inquiry paired with teacher development and smart assessment tools can boost student success.

Karis Jackson

MySci educator honored as outstanding teacher

By Diane Keaggy on December 1, 2016 in Supporting Educators

Karis Jackson of the Hazelwood School District was named the 2016 Outstanding Middle School Educator by the Science Teachers of Missouri. Jackson is curriculum writer for the Institute for School Partnership' MySci program, which engagrd students in STEM through interactive learning experiences.

Closing the STEM skills gap in St. Louis

By Diane Keaggy on August 17, 2016 in Supporting Educators

St. Louis’ leading employers, school districts and Washington University's Institute for School Partnership have united to form STEMpact, an organization dedicated to improving improve science, technology, engineering and math education when it matters most -- elementary school. 

Treating students where they are

By WashU on February 26, 2016 in Supporting Educators

The Jennings School District, in partnership with Washington University School of Medicine, has launched a free, on-site health and social-services clinic called Supporting Positive Opportunities for Teens — The SPOT at Jennings. The clinic is just one way the university supports the district. Learn more about the The SPOT at Jennings.

​Evolution educators get skills, confidence at WashU’s Darwin Day

By WashU on February 12, 2016 in Supporting Educators

Evolution educators continue to face resistance from parents, lawmakers and school boards. And a recent Pew Research Center survey on science and society shows that one-third of the population denies evolution. The Institute of School Partnership, through Darwin Day and other programs, help K-12 teachers bring this core concept to their classrooms. Find out more […]

MySci: Transforming K-12 science education

By WashU on February 12, 2016 in Supporting Educators

The Institute for School Partnership has supported the Jennings School District in its remarkable turnaround. Through its signature MySci program, ISP has provided the district professional development, a proven inquiry-based science curriculum and the materials they need to conduct hands-on experiments. Once teachers see the results, they never go back to worksheets, says ISP Executive […]