Teach Me to Help: Empowering Students to Save Lives

Teach me to Help, CPR training program

Missouri law now requires high schools to provide CPR training to students. Teach Me to Help, an emergency response training program founded by Washington University students, delivers CPR instruction to schools with limited resources and inspires students to consider careers in healthcare.

College Prep scholars join the Class of 2021

Washington University in St. Louis welcomed the 1,780 members of the Class of 2021 on Thursday, Aug. 24. This year’s class includes six members of the first cohort of the College Prep Program, which prepares talented, first-generation students for life on a college campus.

Washington University announces College Prep scholars

Washington University admitted 50 rising high school sophomores to the fourth cohort of the innovative College Prep Program, a multiyear initiative that prepares high-achieving students with limited financial resources for college. The students represent public, private and charter schools from across the region.

College Prep scholars earn $4 million in scholarship offers

All 25 members of the inaugural cohort of the College Prep Program at Washington University have been accepted into college, and the group has received more than $4 million in scholarship offers. Lerone A. Martin, assistant professor, told the scholars: “Do not hide your light to make other people comfortable.”

Students launch a new type of chemistry tournament

High school science competitions are like oxygen and nitrogen — they’re everywhere. But the students behind the Washington University Chemistry Tournament have added new elements to old formula. Their event, now in its second year, focuses on collaboration, real-world applications and complex problem-solving — just like college chemistry.

500 girls explore STEM careers at Washington University

About 500 seventh-grade girls from across the state visited Washington University in St. Louis to learn about careers in STEM. Barbara Schaal, dean of the faculty of Arts & Sciences, told students that STEM careers are as diverse as they are rewarding: “What STEM education does is give you a cafeteria of options and opportunities.”

Young Scientist Program shares wonder of science

For 25 years, the Young Scientist Program has shared the wonder — and career prospects — of science with local K-12 students. YSP mentors explore topics from robotics to forensics to genetics.

University launches Olin Fleischer Scholars Program

Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis is launching the Olin Fleischer Scholars Program, a free one-week residential summer program for high school students who have limited financial resources or who will be the first in their families to attend college.

Encouraging University City High School students to think deep

University City High School students visited Washington University as a community extension of Washington University’s Freshman First Year Reading Program. The K-12 Connections program has provided the free books and campus experiences to high school groups for many years.

Alberti Program introduces kids to power of architecture

Architecture shapes our environment – but studying architecture shapes how we see, understand and interpret the world around us. Over the last 10 years, the Alberti Program in Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts has introduced hundreds of kids, ranging from 8- to 15-years-old, to the power and potential of architecture […]

University announces College Prep Scholarship

The College Prep Scholarship will provide a free Washington University undergraduate education to graduates of its College Prep Program, which serves talented low-income and first-generation high school students. The scholarship supports two top priorities — to make Washington University a more diverse and welcoming campus, and to improve K-12 education in the St. Louis community.

Helping educate the next generation of female leaders

Washington University students, faculty and alumni are leading summer STEM labs and workshops for 14 talented African-American high school girls through the Girls Inc. Eureka! program. “They are more than a cohort, they are a sisterhood,” Brown student Tasha Jordan said.

Inaugural College Prep scholars to spend final summer on campus

The inaugural cohort of Washington University’s College Prep Program will spend its final summer on campus learning from a leading scientist and lifelong musician: Provost Holden Thorp. Thorp has created a college credit course that explores teamwork in science and music.

Podcast: Brain Discovery—Bringing Scientists Into the Classroom

Most elementary-school students have never met a scientist. Claire Weichselbaum and Brian Lananna, graduate students in neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis, want to change that. Last year, the team cofounded Brain Discovery, an outreach program that brings neuroscience into classrooms.

College Advising Corps puts WashU grads into St. Louis schools

Erin Waddles is one of five Washington University graduates hired to serve the College Advising Corps, a national organization that puts advisers in high schools that serve low-income students. Waddles works full-time at Vashon High School in St. Louis, helping students find the right school, navigate the application process and prep for the ACT. Learn […]

Brown School student helps Jennings serve the whole child

As a social work practicum student, Keyria Jeffries will do anything to help the children of Fairview Primary. Some days that means giving a hungry child a granola bar. Other days, it means finding a child a place to live. Learn more about how Keyria Jeffries is helping Jennings School District.

Women in STEM Day: Busting the ‘bro code’

Scientists solve the world’s greatest challenges and are paid well to do so. Yet the gender gap persists in engineering, computer science and other fields. Women in STEM Day at Washington University in St. Louis welcomes high school girls into the community of female scientists and introduces them to cutting-edge research. Hosted by undergraduate female […]

WashU students support next generation of brain scientists

Members of Synapse, Washington University’s neuroscience club, are helping local high school students prepare for the annual St. Louis Area Brain Bee, Saturday Feb. 13 at McDonnell Hall.  “The Brain Bee is a competition but it’s not about being competitive. It’s about getting more people excited about this fast-growing field,” says junior Smruti Rath. Read […]

TESLA introduces young students to engineering

Founded by Washington University engineering student Nicholas Okafor, TESLA (Teaching Engineering to St. Louis Adolescents) connects more than 50 Washington University engineering students to K-12 students across the region. Read more about TESLA.

Inspiring future STEM leaders

Washington University students shared their loves of science, technology, engineering and math with University City middle school students at University City’s First LEGO League Warm-Up.